Henry T. Beyer

How Can I Know the Way?

The Answer To An Oft Repeated Query

By Liet. Henry Beyer, 1942

Since the very fall of the human race man has been groping about in a daze, probing diligently for everlasting happiness and contentment. ” There is a way that seemed right unto man.” How can we find it?

If we were to approach a drunkard and ask him if he sincerely believes he is going the right way, in his stupefied condition, unhesitatingly, he would reply, “Yes.” There is a way that seemed right to the drunkard, adulterers, liars, whoremongers, infidels, soothsayers, and those that profess to serve the true God. Search your heart in the light of God’s Word. The end, thereof, is the way of death. Sudden destruction awaits those who ignorantly seek to devise their own way.

How can I know the way? Search the Scriptures. Let us briefly review the beautiful scene and sayings that took place when our Lord and His disciples gathered together for His farewell talk. At once Jesus knew that the hearts of His disciples were very much troubled and perplexed, so He began to speak forth words of peace and consolation to their troubled hearts. Today the hearts and minds of the people are completely torn and confused by fear, uncertainty, doubt, domestic and economic conditions. Certainly in such times as these the way seems obscured! But remember, Jesus Himself took the form of man and became a little lower than the angels, took upon Him the seed of Abraham which qualifies Him for the human position of comforting the bereaved, binding the broken hearts. In other words He is acquainted with our grief.

How can I know the way? This Jesus gave the answer before the question was asked. Jesus would ascend unto His Father, and make preparation for those who would be willing to follow Him, but one in a small group dared to speak up and asked further information, “Lord… how can we know the way?” Was it asked thoughtlessly or doubtfully? Surely Thomas must have failed to comprehend those deep and profound truths which Jesus told them! Was He detracted by some mere trifle while Jesus was talking or did his faith give way to sight? Paul writes, “that which is not seen in hope, and hope, my comrades, is the true testing of our faith.” We must sympathize with Thomas and bear with his failings and shortcomings.

You might suggest that Thomas was somewhat perplexed. Even that would fail, because our Lord was so explicit and plain that a grade school pupil would easily understand and yet the echo of these words brought to our attention today, still finds many who fail to recognize the sound, simply because their lives are not in harmony with our Lord.

Yes, Thomas made other inquiries, he wanted to be sure he was travelling the right way, he was in deed earnest about the whole matter, and the Master didn’t hesitate to present to him gladly the true way. ” I am the way.” Surely the Lord our God pointed out this way many, many years before it was uttered , when He said to one of His holy prophets, “This is the way, walk ye in it.”

So night is grandeur to our dust,
So nigh is God to man,
When duty whispers low, ” I must, ”
The youth reply, “I can!”

I Am The Way Of Duty

When we think of duty, we think of the wonderful opportunities and privileges which present themselves to those who have willingly surrendered their lives for the building of God’s Kingdom.

O Master, let me walk with Thee
In lowly paths of service free;
Teach me my duty, help me bear
The strain of toil, the fret of care.

Frequently we state these words. It is our duty to do some good turn each day, or it is our duty to attend and participate in corps activities, but unless this duty is derived form sincere heart and is promoted for the sole purpose of pointing burdened souls to the soul – bearer, or generating light into the powerless and darkened soul, duty will lose its significance.

I Am The Way Of Sufferings

Did Thomas seek a way out when it was revealed to him , or did it effect his calling? Simply because he would be called to endure suffering? Will it cause us to shrink from our calling or will it cause us to come more boldly unto the Lord and the Throne of Grace that we might obtain help and mercy in time of need? Surely Christ suffered , the just for unjust, that He might bring the ungodly and sinners to God! Peter said, therefore, we must arm ourselves with the same mind; as Christ has suffered in the flesh, we should be willing to suffer with Him. Yea, all that will walk according to the Lord’s way will be called to endure sufferings. “But fear not,” our Lord tells us, ” I am with thee. Yea I will help thee, I will strengthen thee.”

I Am The Way Of Reproaches

Reproaches, mocking and ridicule will invariably come whether it be among strangers, friends or in the family circle. They are inevitable.

O comrades, let us rejoice and leap for joy for so did they reproach and buffet Christ, the prophets, and the disciples. “The reproaches of them that reproached Thee fell on me. If ye be reproached for the name of Christ, happy are ye.” We often times sing and testify, “Our soul is full of joy the devil can’t destroy.” Because of the assurance of these words we can face reproaches bravely. “Our adversary will dash upon us like a great flood, but the Spirit of the Lord will revive us and raise up a standard against them.”