How Can I Know the Way?

The Answer To An Oft Repeated Query

By Lieut. Henry T. Beyer Jr., 1942

Since the very fall of the human race man has been groping about in a daze, probing diligently for everlasting happiness and contentment. ” There is a way that seemeth right unto man.” How can we find it? read more

Thought Provoking Thoughts

Excerpts fromBread of Truth

The Declaration of my Independence was on January 1, 1938. I was set free, I have not ceased to glorify my Emancipator. Henry T. Beyer Jr.

  1. “Light dispels darkness, never reflects it.”
  2. “Shallow thinking may get you into deep water.”
  3. “The finality of cross-bearing is crown-wearing.”
  4. “A man wrapped up in himself makes a small package.”
  5. “Either we are influenced by the world, or the world is influenced by us.”
  6. “Some people grow stronger assuming responsibilities; others grow weaker doing nothing.”


Henry T. Beyer Jr.

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